1 year post-transplant…! Joon is doing well

la traduction en français suit l’article en anglais

D+365… Joon is doing well

In a few days, it will be a year since Joon received her bone marrow transplant at the Hospital of Geneva (HUG). As this is an important milestone, she is currently undertaking a series of medical tests and results are all good so far. There is still a long way  for her to get back to a completely normal life because she can be easily tired during the day, and has still many drugs to take. She will also need to go through her vaccination process, hopefully in the coming weeks.

This said, Joon has passed her exams to validate her first year of physics and mathematics at the University, and she started her second year in September. She attends a few classes only because there are  still restrictions on the use of public transport and she must avoid being in large groups to reduce the risks of infection.

Thanks again for your support.

1 an post-greffe. Joon se porte bien

Dans quelques jours, cela fera un an que Joon a reçu sa greffe de moelle osseuse à l’hôpital universitaire de Genève. Elle a actuellement toute une série de tests médicaux et ses résultats sont bons. Il lui reste encore du chemin à faire pour retrouver une vie totalement normale, car elle se fatigue très rapidement, et a toujours de nombreux médicaments à prendre. Elle doit aussi faire progressivement ses vaccins.

Joon a réussi ses examens pour valider sa première année de physiques et mathématiques à l’Université et a démarré sa deuxième année en septembre. Elle assiste a quelques cours uniquement car elle a toujours des restrictions concernant l’usage des transports publics et elle doit éviter les bains de foule en général pour réduire les risques d’infections.

Merci encore à tous ceux qui ont apporté leur soutien.

4 thoughts on “1 year post-transplant…! Joon is doing well”

  1. Dear Patrick, dear Joon, dear Family – we are all very happy to hear the great news and wish you all the best for the future. Thank you for sharing, with our warm regards the DKMS German Bone Marrow Donor Centre

    1. Dear Sabine, Rabea and all,

      Great to hear from you, and thanks again to you and your team for organizing the stem cell donor campaign last year, through the DKMS network. And happy holiday!

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