Happy New Year… and thank you!

Taking the opportunity of the new year, Joon and her family would like to express their gratitude to the following organizations and individuals who contributed to the web campaign to help Joon find a matching donor.

Donor registration – events – drives

Public Awareness

Team Joon Blog – Facebook – Twitter – Flyers – email – online fora

  • The Knowledge and Innovation Team of UNDP in Bratislava who gave advice for the blog, designed graphics, promoted the blog via social media and helped for the drafting of content: Giulio, Blythe, Jura, Justyna.
  • For the initial setup and content drafting of the blog to launch the search for a donor: Marjolaine, Thibaut & Veronique, Agnes B, François.
  • For the Facebook page setup, Saveria and Blythe.
  • For the translations of the blog in 9 languages… : Kathleen, Thibaut, Dominique, Cécile, Narjess, Oumama, Trang, Tu, Lucy, François,  Veronique L, Jeehae and their family/friends.
  • For the preparation and design of flyers: Nathalie and her friends.
  • For spreading the word through distribution of flyers, email, online forums, Twitter, Facebook: Charlie, Agnes DLT, Pierre & Véronique, Sylvie, Laurianne and her father Siegfried, Savéria, Candice, Kathleen, Veronique HG, Nathalie, Martial, Thibaut.

A special thanks to:

  • Marjolaine for taking care of the overall coordination of the web campaign and for reaching out to many organizations.
  • Tu for the countless translations and for mobilizing the vietnamese community in Geneva and Paris.

And of course, the identification of the donor was made possible thanks to the Hopitaux Universitaires de Genève and the Swiss Blood Stem Cells who did coordinate the search worldwide.

Finally, there is also one person whom we should thank above all, we do not know her name, but she is the one who first registered as a donor, and went through the entire process to donate her stem cells for Joon. Wherever she is, our heartfelt gratitude goes to her.

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