Stem Cell Donor Found !!!

GREAT NEWS !! We are delighted to announce that a matching donor has been identified for Joon. Details about the donor’s profile are kept confidential, but we know that the preliminary tests have been conclusive, and this is a 10/10 match. Please see our post in October explaining the importance of close HLA matching.

Joon’s transplant date is now fixed on 6th of December at the same hospital in Geneva.

After a comprehensive medical check-up last week, she is now at home for a few days. She will be admitted at the hospital next week, to go through chemotherapy and radiotherapy in order to get prepared for the transplantation (also called conditioning regimen).

She will then stay in a sterile environment there for several weeks, and the recovery will be a long process.

We are extremely grateful to those of you who have registered  as a result of our appeal, to the organizations and associations who relayed this appeal and to the many individuals who volunteered to help in various ways.

We would like the blog to remain active, because even though Joon has been fortunate to find a matching donor, we should continue to spread the word on the importance of bone marrow/stem cell donation! Every new registration can make a difference for all other patients looking for a donor.

6 thoughts on “Stem Cell Donor Found !!!”

  1. Quelle heureuse nouvelle ! Nous ne vous connaissons pas mais nous attendions avec vous cette belle nouvelle. Bonne chance pour le parcours de greffe.

  2. WOOWWW!!
    I cannot tell how happy I am to read this news!!!
    All my love and positive thoughts for the next coming steps!

  3. C’est une tres bonne nouvelle, comme vus devez etre soulage! Courage pour la greffe, il faut rester actifs tout au long de la greffe, marcher, marcher tous les jours et faire attention a la mucite!

  4. Oh Patrick, what wonderful news. Thinking of you all in coming days, weeks, and months. May this wonderful donor network you have launched and encouraged here continue to grow and benefit many others. xx

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